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Chains Hoist ST STAHL Crane Systems

The ST chain hoist programme is one of the most distinctive and comprehensive programmes on offer today world-wide. Each chain hoist model has individual advantages as regards its performance characteristics; all share in STAHL Crane Systems legendary material handling competence. It is strong, reliable and modest when it comes to maintenance and energy consumption. It is available in 6 variants. The ST chain hoist covers the lifting capacity range from 125kg to 6,300kg. The portfolio is supplemented by special models such as the STK extra short headroom trolley and the STD dual chain hoist for long material and lifting beams.


  • Extensive chain hoist range for lifting capacities from 125 kg to 6,300 kg.

  • Suspension directly from the chain guide of solid cast iron.

  • Easy inspection and maintenance of the chain drive. (over-mounted drive shaft) chain sprocket, chain ejector and chain guide are easy to dismantle and assemble for servicing.

  • Extremely short and compact construction, which ensures that space can be utilized to the maximum.

  • High standard classification assessed as per the requirements of ISO.

  • Available as an option in explosion-protected design complying with ATEX and IECEx.

  • Extremely fast availability. We achieve the shortest delivery times for all chain hoists of the ST series utilizing preassembled components and up-to-date production control.

  • Smooth running trolleys.

  • Extremely wear-resistant chains in special quality.

  • Powerful drive technology made-to-measure.

  • Extremely safe chain hoist. The enclosed chain guide integrates the load-bearing components into a single sub-assembly; thus, the load is supported where it is applied. Suspension becomes direct; therefore, the power flux is not transmitted through the housing.

Verlinde Electric Chain Hoist

Eurochain VR is an electric chain hoist for loads from 60kg up to 7500kg. Eurochain VR is completely innovative and top of range design. Its fluid, contemporary and elegant lines confirm the power of this electric chain hoist. The new generation of Eurochain VR hoists is the result of innovative technology; new material and new operating concepts that can adapt to each specific need. Standard electric chain hoists come with a complete range of hook suspension units with a manual or an electric travel trolley.


  • The load spectra for each hoist body have been revised upwards to optimize your lifting equipment investment. Therefore, generating more power.

  • Reduction in a chain bag dimension with a more compact lifting unit.

  • Reduction in maintenance costs, as fewer lifting chains to be replaced, if necessary, during maintenance operations.

  • Elimination of lifting hook tip-over risks.

  • High lifting speeds preserved.

  • The lifetime of the hoist components is extremely high in order to optimize the return on investment (ROI).

  • The clutch position in the reducer ensures the load is held by the brake regardless of the machine's daily operating conditions.

  • Enables perfect operation for the usage context. (operation in an industrial environment, stage lifting, etc.)

  • The variable speed travelling combined with the high lifting speeds enables flexible and quick working in complete safety for the operator.

  • The lifting speed ranges have been considerably expanded to enable them to better meet your production constraints and increase productivity, performance, safety, and usage daily.

  • Maintenance operations are simpler, quicker, and more economical.