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1-Double Girder Overhead Crane

We are specialized in manufacturing double girder overhead crane up to 120 ton according to the required capacity , span and height of lift with variable speeds for hoist motor , cross and long travel motors

2-Single Girder overhead crane

We are specialized in manufacturing single girder overhead crane for light weight and economic solutions for applications up to 15 ton according to design span & crane different speeds for height of lift , cross travel and long travel using electric motors , in addition to we manufacture manual single overhead crane for small capacity loads up to 10 ton using chain mechanism system

3-Monorail Cranes

We are specialized in Manufacturing Monorail cranes because of its easy installation and narrow space required , also it can be used for production line applications where the monorail path can be either straight or circular path , in addition to there is we provide manual monorail for economic use and capacities up to 5 ton using chain mechanism system

4-Gantry overhead cranes

First crane one of most powerful company specialized in manufacturing Gantry cranes capacities up to 120 ton with variable height of lift according to client design with different speeds according client requirements, Gantry cranes can be used for indoor and outdoor solutions as it has its own column so it’s a good solution for light high capacities in temporary projects.

5-Jip Cranes

We manufacture jib cranes as it is a smart solution for handling material in circular area, capacities are up to 15 ton and lifting arm up 10 m, variable capacities and speed are available according to client request , in addition to we provide manual jib canes for handling material in different applications using chain mechanism system

6-End carriage & wheel Block

We manufacture end carriage or which also called end truck for single and double overhead cranes in our factory or can be provided as crane kit imported special for our client from France from verlinde factory ( one of konecrane group ) or Stahl crane systems in Germany in addition to we provide end carriage motors specialized for crane usage with guarantee , all end carriage and wheel block design is according to overhead crane Din standards in design and selection of wheel , housing , bearing , First crane also provide manual end carriage and all its spare parts is available according to client request.

7-Overhead Crane Hoist

First Cranes Manufacture and provide heavy duty Crane hoists according to client request as first crane is official distributor for Verlinde brand one of cone crane group and also partner with Stahl crane systems , all hoists have variable speed and difference height of left , Crane hoist is available in three options either stationary hoist - Low or normal headroom with trolley – Double rail crab Hoist .