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Crane Components Technology

First Cranes Technical team with joint venture of our partner STAHL Cranes we provides Digital transparency for intelligent manufacturing for different crane components through our partners as

The crane system components and technology at First Cranes is comprehensive. The high-quality components are among the best available anywhere from a technical point of view. Users, crane builders and systems builders appreciate these cost-effective systems and overall solutions that prove themselves in day to day use. We master this challenge through the digital transformation and smart networking of your production system. We work with expert partners such as STAHL Crane Systems to offer our customers convincing and intelligent solutions. With us, you are ideally positioned for the future. We provide our customers with SMC multi-controller, remote condition monitoring (RCM) and other various frequency converters by which you can gain the greatest possible benefit. E.g. better facility management and less downtime with predictive maintenance or increasing occupational safety.

We provide different crane components such as crane electrics, wheel blocks, motors, and end carriages.

The Crane System Components at First Cranes


  • Operating data acquisition

  • Load spectrum recorder

  • Automatic load control (ALC)

  • Motor management

  • Load monitoring

  • Extended speed range (ESR)

  • Load early warning

  • Tandem operation

  • Sway control

  • Slack rope monitoring

  • Efficient power recovery

  • Load display

  • Crane interlock

  • Work area limits

  • Follow-me function

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ExpertCare Application

Verlinde ExpertCare Application

ExpertCare is a Verlinde smartphone application. In which you can download via Andriod and IOS. It enables the remote display of information starting from the floor level of the MT2. It monitors the electronic module of Euro Bloc VT wire rope hoist, which are mounted on overhead cranes.

The immediate advantages of ExpertCare application are partly the simplicity of the tool that allows the display of information on the user's smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, the operator stays at the floor level. Other advantages include saving resources because the use of the inspection platform is ipso facto no longer required for such a simple inspection.

The system is made up of:

  • A dongle that enables reading the MT2 data from the floor. The wireless communication range between the dongle and a reading device is 15m as standard or 50m with an external antenna.

  • Running the application on a smartphone or a tablet.

The ExpertCare application enables the monitoring of:

  • Faults and alarms.

  • The remaining lifespan of the hoist, brake and contactors.

  • Display of load, MT2 internal temperature and the operating time.

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More about Verlinde Euro Bloc VT

VERLINDE has always been among the first companies to introduce new ideas for the innovation of hoisting units with a hook (more than 70 patents taken out in France and around the world). The new EUROBLOC VT electric wire rope hoist has been created within this avant-garde spirit, as it accounts for a total of 13 patents on its own.

The Euro Bloc VT is the only hoisting unit with wire rope and a hook that offers many great features, such as:

  • Hook approach. The smallest available distances of the hoist are C and F dimensions.

  • The pulley block presents only a slight lateral shift during hoisting motion (virtually vertical lifting)

  • Adjusting speed while travelling.