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Thanks to our sound know-how and decades of experience, we are able to offer sophisticated products, from the chain and wire rope hoists to crane end carriages, travel drives and wheel blocks. We also provide you with crane electrics from easy-to-use control pendants to complex control systems. On top of this, there is our extensive portfolio of hoisting equipment. Our customers can rely on all components working together efficiently like fine clockwork. Our hoisting and crane technology stands out for offering the right solution for every field. For completely unusual requirements, our experts from the engineering department devise special custom solutions. We provide Modern production procedures and certified processes in which guarantees the consistent high quality.

In our engineering department engineers and technicians develop individual custom and off-standard solutions tailored to your specific requirements from one of the largest portfolios of standard components available. They naturally conform to the latest national and international directives and laws.

First Cranes and STAHL crane kits offer the possibility to execute orders economically with manageable planning costs. Crane kits are made for crane builders. Customer service, planning, construction of the system, and the provision of spare parts are carried out by competent local crane builders. The intuitive, structured planning software with a continuously updated database enables easy configuration of the crane system. We manufacture the hoists, components and other equipment to a high standard of quality. We test the modules for hoisting, travel and control technology exhaustively. The crane kit is pre-assembled and delivered with all necessary documentation and assembly instructions. Our planning software enables clear, simple configuration of the crane system, time-saving preparation of quotations and trouble-free ordering. With a 2D or 3D visualization, you can immediately see what your system will look like. You obtain exact details regarding the technology and prices.

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STAHL Crane kit and technology

Verlinde Crane Kit

Looking for advice on investing in an overhead crane installation. First Cranes collaborated with Verlinde to help you find what you are looking for. Verlinde Crane Kit will provide you with constant assistance. It will provide you with unique responses in terms of contact to meet your lifting needs. We offer our crane kit components with smart solutions including hoist, trolley, end carriage, and control panels. All crane kits and accessories are made with high-quality materials that can handle heavy-duty operations. With us, we guarantee your best service experience as well as the safest products as assessed by the requirements of ISO. We provide a supporting structure, supply lines, after-sales service, maintenance contract, assistance and reception of equipment with test charges.

Advantages of single beam suspended design:

  • Adapts in buildings whose tracks can be suspended under the frame.

  • Allows better use of the floor space.

  • The profile version offers the possibility of load transfer between overhead travelling cranes or towards a monorail track.

  • The box version makes it possible to offer larger capacities and spans than traditional constructions. In addition to that, this type of construction allows reduce the weight of the bridge and thus reduce the stresses on the supporting structure.

  • Using the EUROBLOC VT allows you to obtain a virtually centered lifting, optimized lift height and better use of floor space.

Verlinde Crane kit and technology